11 February 2007

Furtherafield reviews Amazon Noir



About one year after the release of Google Will Eat Itself the artists PAOLO CIRIO (PC), ALESSANDRO LUDOVICO (AL), Hans Bernhard and Lizvlx (both UBERMORGEN.COM (UC)) out foxed Amazon.com, the second global Internet player. The results of the Media/Art-event Amazon Noir - The Big Book Crime were presented to the public on the 15th of November 2006. In the following interview the Amazon Noir Crew talks about the framework of the project, its coding and art historical background, the official feedback and copyright issues."

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Periapse said...

Waves of future shock crash over me as I reflect on this post and the surf/explore run I did on the links. It's scary being several months behind the moment.
I never heard of any of this previously (even Google Will Eat Itself, which is fabulously funny). After my info gathering session I'm still in a very dissonant state -- I can't tell what's real.
Is amazon-noir a website fiction, or did these guys really hack Search Inside The Book and then settle with Amazon? It's all plausible, but I could find no major media coverage of any of it, just articles quoting or copying the press releases. Wikipedia - zip, Google News - ditto. Even Wired only had a single reference in a link provided by Bruce Sterling.
So confusing!