22 February 2007

Palindrome Riddles

Let me introduce you to a sub-genre of word puzzle which I call the palindrome riddle. You are given a clue, often in the form of a question, the answer to which reads the same backwards and forwards, excluding punctuation and case. The answer may be one or more words. For example: What kind of beer does the king drink? Regal lager, of course. Or, what innovation helps older arthritic doggies climb up onto truck beds? The pet step.
That should give you the idea so here you go.

1) What do you have to do to avoid an encounter with the Late Night talk show host who's looking for you?

2) Dance productions inspired by a character from A Streetcar Named Desire.

3) What do you call the appointed official in charge of Reggae affairs?

4) Cats with Alzheimer's.

5) What do you call the person who comes to collect you and all your effects and take you to the '60's theme (or '70's, western, Victorian era...) resort?

6) Peruvian city questions its identity.

7) The chihuahua is out. Do you know the name of the fast food chain's new mascot?

8) How did the rude customer address the young man who was stocking some tropical fruit at the time?

9) Vulcan law enforcement.

10) Impersonate a renowned fabulist.

11) What the groupies realized when they discovered that their favorite New Wave band no longer resided at the same address.

(and my favorite)

12) An owl perches on the branch of a tree on a very balmy night. Another owl flies up and lights on the branch next to him and asks,"Why are you so quiet tonight?" The first owl responds, "Oh, man, it's --------".

Have fun with these. I didn't include any of the more obscure ones but answers can be made available.



Transient Gadfly said...

Allow me to be the first to announce that I need hints for the dance productions, the resort one, and the rude fruit comment.

Also, dude, Mark Mothersbaugh bought a new house? I can't believe it.

Periapse said...

You're not the only one to have trouble with a few of these.

The tropical fruit packer one: think really common word for "young man", and really common tropical fruit (it's name is already almost a palindrome).

For the resort, think of a word that means antique, only maybe not so old, and hipper (like seventies-style would be described).

Dance productions: Think Marlon Brando's famous one-word quote from the 1951 film.

Transient Gadfly said...

Ohhhhh, right. I'd forgotten about the now common practice of refering to the youth of today by a colloquial misspelling of the former UN chairman's last name. Clearly the customer called out to the stock boy, "Anan, a banana!"

bruno said...

good work on that one gentlemen. but did you know that a second palindromic utterance was produced in that very same store when one customer posited that the fruit of the query must be a certain fuzzy skinned green fleshed edible while another customer staunchly contested that such was more of a temperate climate fruit and could not be part of the solution. fortunately the asst. manager of the store witnessed the escalating debate and slid open a window from an interior office overlooking the shopping floor calling out to them,"I Wiki kiwi"

Periapse said...

I'm hopelessly out of date on trendy terms for the youth of today. Oddly enough, however, the Gadfly's solution came up in a different context. While visiting my Indian friend's flat the following exchange occurred:
Me: Dude, your cupboard is, like, bare. What are you having for dinner tonight?
Srini: A nan, a banana.

raizza mae said...

hi, i would like to know the answers. i am going to give this riddle to my smart younger brother, but i need to know the answers 1st hand. thank you.

Periapse said...

Ok, after two years I guess it's ok to post these spoilers:
1 evade Dave
2 stella ballets
3 rasta tsar
4 senile felines
5 retro porter
6 Am I Lima?
7 taco cat
8 "Yo, banana boy!"
9 Spock cops
10 pose as Aesop
11 Devo moved!
12 too hot to hoot